The Ultimate Glowing Skin Regimen for Every Skin Type

Stop, drop, and glow.

True, glowing skin is still having its moment—but trend or not, we can’t get enough. Radiant, healthy-looking skin is the ultimate goal here at Mario Badescu, and here’s how we’re going to help you achieve it, no matter your skin type. Behold, the ultimate glowing skin regimen for every skin type:



Start with clean skin (if you’re not sure which cleanser you should be using, find your perfect face wash here.) Then…



  1. Exfoliate. For a bright, smooth base—scrub regularly. Almond & Honey Face Scrub is a decadent treat that gently buffs away dulling dead skin cells while infusing nourishing oils into your skin.
  2. Liberally mist clean skin with our rose Facial Spray to prep and hydrate your complexion.
  3. Smooth. Apply 3-4 drops of Cellufirm Drops all over to give your skin a smoother, plumper finish.
  4. Is it daytime? Go for The Moisture Magnet SPF 15, a creamy formula beloved by makeup artists for its ability to deeply nourish and soften skin. Heading out in the evening? Use Honey Moisturizer. Going to bed? Layer Vitamin C Serum under your favorite night cream.
  5. Customize your glow. Totally optional, but worth the extra step. Apply a few drops of Rose Hips Nourishing Oil wherever your skin craves an extra moisture boost—like your cheeks or around the nose. This lightweight facial oil is formulated with Rosehip, an extract packed with antioxidant Vitamin C, to give skin a brighter appearance and smooth the appearance of dry, flaky skin.
  6. Mist and repeat. Mist now, then mist again after makeup to give your final look a radiant finish.



  1. Renew. Keep your complexion in tip-top shape by replacing your regular face wash with Glycolic Foaming Cleanser two to three times a week.
  2. Purify. Eliminate excess oil and decongest your complexion. Silver Powder works to draw out all that pore-clogging impurities and blackheads—leaving your skin refreshed, radiant, and re-balanced. Follow with toner.
  3. Mist. Start with a few spritzes of Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea to wake up and tone your complexion. We recommend sticking your bottle in the fridge to give your skin an instant wake-me-up, de-puffing boost.
  4. Moisturize. Oily skin needs hydration too—which is why when it’s dehydrated, oil glands go into high gear to overcompensate, leaving skin looking greasy and prone to congestion or breakouts. This is where a lightweight, moisturizer comes into play to re-balance skin. Try Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30 for day (Oil Free Moisturizer as a non-SPF alternative). Headed to bed? Apply Seaweed Night Cream at night so you wake up with radiant skin.
  5. Mist again. Rose-infused or Green Tea—the choice is yours.



  1. Renew. Keep your complexion in tip-top shape by replacing your regular face wash with Glycolic Foaming Cleanser two to three times a week. You’ll want to avoid a granular exfoliant if you’re broken out to avoid exacerbating or tearing at existing breakouts.
  2. Mask. Maintaining balance is key in keeping skin looking healthy, clear, and radiant—so as diligent as you are about using your Drying Mask, you want to make sure you’re restoring hydration to the skin by using Healing & Soothing Mask on alternate days.
  3. Mist. Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea not only tones skin, but gives it a cooling, soothing boost too—which is exactly what troubled skin craves.
  4. Moisturize. Again, balance is crucial. Keep skin hydrated with Aloe Moisturizer SPF 15 or Oil Free Moisturizer. At night, use Anti Acne Serum: it provides lightweight hydration while giving breakouts the botanical boot, thanks to its Salicylic Acid and Thyme formula.
  5. Powder. A light dusting will combat unwanted shine to encourage a healthy glow! Apply Special Healing Powder to the T-zone to remove excess oil and help decongest skin.
  6. Mist. Totally optional, but highly recommended. :-)



  1. Polish. Starting with smooth, even-toned base is key in getting your glow on, so make a habit of gently exfoliating with Botanical Exfoliating Scrub one to three times a week.
  2. Mist. Rose or Green Tea? Take your pick. Evenly mist your complexion to give your skin a hydrating boost before you apply your moisturizer.
  3. Hydrate. Try Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30 or Hydro Moisturizer with Vitamin C for day. Moisturizing at night? Layer Vitamin C Serum under Seaweed Night Cream.
  4. Customize your glow. Add a few drops of Herbal Hydrating Serum all over, or apply it in targeted areas where you need a boost in hydration and radiance (like between the brows, around the nose, and on the cheeks).
  5. And of course, mist once more.
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