Skin Sins: Washing Your Face With Bar Soap

The skin sin I want to discuss with you today is sadly very common: Washing your face with bar soap. Perhaps some of you commit this skin sin and don’t understand why washing your face with bar soap is so bad:

  • Skin's job is to protect the body. It looks best when it's healthy and its protective lipid barrier is in proper pH balance. Bar soap not only dries the skin, but it disrupts the skin's natural protection, leaving skin imbalanced and unable to fight back against (acne-causing) bacteria, pollution, and aging free radicals.
  • Facial cleansers, unlike bar soaps, are formulated to deal with specific skin issues, including sensitivity, excessive oiliness, and acne.
  • Most bar soaps, if not all of them, can leave a thin film of residue on your skin. Enough said.
Start here: the Enzyme Cleansing Gel is our most popular cleanser for a reason. It is non-foaming, gentle, and can be used by nearly ALL skin types (except the driest!). For those with Acne, the Acne Facial Cleanser delivers breakout-fighting Salicylic Acid to the skin. Dry skin needs special care, too: check out the Cleansing Milk with Carnation & Rice Oil (doesn't that last one sort of sound delicious?)
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