What Happens if you Shake the Drying Lotion?

Your skin care arsenal is stocked. Cleanser? Check. Toner. Check. Drying Lotion? Check! And since you’ve done your research, you know not to shake the Drying Lotion (Still want to give it a shake? Don’t take our word for it.) You skin is looking good and you feel like this:

Drying Lotion tweet


Then, when you least expect it, a blemish pops up! You know what to do. You reach for that bottle of zit-fighting magic, and before you can even register what is happening, you fumble. Your Drying Lotion slips, escapes from your hand, and your #catlike reflexes kick in (Luckily, you took those martial arts classes for that month in second grade! #thanksmomanddad) and you are able to catch the bottle before it crashes to the floor. Whew! But, ugh, not before your perfect bottle of layered pimple kryptonite is all mixed up. First you feel confusion, then despair sets in and now you are all:

Drying Lotion Tweet


So here’s where one of our most frequently asked questions comes in. Lots of you would like to know, “If my Drying Lotion is shaken, is it ruined?” The A. to that Q. is, no. Not at all. Simply set the shaken bottle on a flat surface then distract yourself with some TV, or better yet, a good book, and hang in there until it settles. “But will it still work the same?” you ask. Yes, it will. “It won’t make it less effective?” No, sir or ma'am. It will not.


Us? Oh, we're just waiting for our Drying Lotion to settle.

So there you have it! The most anxiety-provoking conundrum in the battle for clear skin has been solved for once and for all. It seems that when it comes to Drying Lotion (and life in general) an occasional shake-up is nothing to worry about!

Drying Lotion tweet

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