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The answer is yes. A manís skin is actually different than a womanís skin. The layers of skin are thicker, pores are larger and there are more oil glands producing more lubrication for a longer period of time. Even though men have this extra, anti aging defense in their favor, it is no reason to disregard proper care of your skin. Daily shaving does not have to accompanied by uncomfortable side effects. Grabbing a can of shaving cream and a disposable razor may work short term but for the healthiest skin overall, a consistent, daily skin care and shaving regimen should be followed, using correct products for your skin type. In the following sections, we have addressed the different skin care needs of men including an easy to follow regimen and recommendations for effective products that contain soothing, botanical ingredients.

"Shaving your face every day has an enormous impact on your skin and is, unfortunately, at the root of most specifically male skin problems. Shaving does have its advantages: by acting as a sort of mini-massage, it boosts blood circulation and increases the skin's oxygen supply. But improper shaving techniques will, over a period of time, not only nullify these benefits, but do serious damage to even the healthiest skin. They will certainly make you look less than your best when you walk out of your door in the morning."
~Mario Badescu

Before we get to the proper way to care for menís skin, there are a few important skin care DOís and DONTíS to mention. Changing these bad habits to good ones will improve the look and feel of your skin while reducing any discomfort.

Do use the proper products for your skin type. There is no one-size-fits-all skin care regimen. Every skin and lifestyle is different and your skin care should reflect this. What you use, how and when is very important for women and men alike.

Do not grab a bar of soap or random cleanser to wash your face. Bar soap strips the skinís natural oils and is strongly alkaline weakening the skinís protective acid mantle. Soap also leaves an invisible residue behind, dulling the skinís surface.
Do use lukewarm water to cleanse and shave. It keeps excess oil production at bay and protects the delicate capillaries under the skin from damage.

Do not cleanse and shave with hot water. Hot water signals the oil glands to pump out more oil than necessary, something a man with oily skin doesn't need. While this may not be bad for dry skin, hot water causes over stimulation of blood circulation resulting in damage of fragile blood vessels close to the skinís surface, leaving behind blotchy, couperose skin.

Do use a moistening pre-shave product to soften the beard area for a comfortable, non irritating shave or use a preparation for electric shaving to lift facial hairs and absorb oil.

Do not try to get a very close shave. Of course a smooth, clean face is what youíre after but it is not the best for the skin. Shaving too closely is the main cause of razor bumps and razor burn.

Do rinse your skin thoroughly. It is extremely important to remove all traces of the pre-shave and shaving cream, which if left on your skin will result in dehydration, one of the major causes of dull, flaky skin and premature wrinkling.

Do not use an after shave lotion or cologne high in alcohol on the face. These products are dehydrating and irritating to the skin not to mention the possibility of an allergic reaction to the color and fragrance in the product.

Do use soothing creams on the shaved area to reduce redness and irritation

Do not leave you skin unprotected from the sun and elements. Sun exposure is the primary reason for premature aging and damage to the skin. Exposure to cold, dry air can leave the skin chapped and wind burned.

Do use a daily moisturizer containing sunscreen if you get even minimal sun exposure or if you use any topical prescriptions on your face. Should your job take you outdoors in a cold climate, switch to a protective cream for maximum protection against the elements.

Do not ignore frequent breakouts, premature aging or problems occurring on the skin. Scarring and permanent damage can result.

Do use special treatment products in addition to the basics to address specific conditions on the skin like acne, discoloration, loss of elasticity or clogged pores.


1.) Cleanse skin and rinse with lukewarm water. While the beard area is still wet, massage a small amount of Mario Badescu Pre-Shave Conditioner to coat your skin. This is for wet, razor shaving only. This will soften the beard for a more comfortable shave.

2.) Apply a thin layer of Mario Badescu Shaving Cream to the beard area right over the Pre-Shave Conditioner.

3.) In long, smooth strokes, shave in the direction of the hair growth, usually downwards. A light touch is what youíre aiming for. The less you feel the blade against the skin, the better. Shaving over the same area more than once should be avoided. Use caution around the neck area where they may be tiny, erupted areas. Shave around, rather than over them.

4.) Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water to remove all traces of the shaving cream. This is very important in order to avoid any product residue from dehydrating the skin.

5.) Apply a cleansing lotion. An alcohol based astringent will be recommended if you have oily or problematic skin or a non-drying toner will be recommended if you have dry or sensitive skin. Dampen a cotton ball or pad with the recommended lotion and gently stroke over your face and neck. Your skin should not be wet, only damp when youíre done.

6.) The use of an eye cream is just as important as moisturizing the face. There are very few oil glands around the eye area making this part of the face more susceptible to signs of aging. Dab a small amount of eye cream gently around the eye following the orbital bone using the ring finger. This will soften the look of fine lines and prevent premature aging. For a non-greasy eye moisturizer and cooling, depuffing treatment, choose our Ceramide Eye Gel. It works best cold, right out of the fridge.

7.) Now is the time to apply a serum and moisturizer. You may use the Protein After Shave Lotion for a cooling treatment first, then the After Shave Moisturizer for calming and moisturizing results, or you may choose from the many serums and moisturizers from the complete line. The Vitamin A & E Hydrating Balm is a moisturizing and soothing treatment for post-shaved skin or for use under moisturizer. Select a moisturizer with sunscreen if you are getting any sun exposure or using any topical prescriptions for acne.


1.) Wash face with recommended cleanser for your skin type. Massage in circular motions to loosen dirt and oil as well as to stimulate blood circulation in the skin. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Pat dry.

2.) Wipe skin in an outward direction with toner or astringent until cotton pad comes up clean. Wiping outward will ensure none of the residue is put back on the skin.

3.) Dab on a small amount of eye cream, following the orbital bone. You may choose a thicker, more intense eye cream for overnight use. Use eye cream sparingly since a little goes a long way. Tip: Apply excess eye cream around the lips. The delicate skin will benefit from the eye creamís emollient ingredients.

4.) Apply serum to areas of concern such as fine lines or discolorations then follow with a night cream or the After Shave Moisturizer. Massage the cream gently into the skin avoiding nose and chin unless they are very dry. Blot the excess with a tissue if necessary. If you have oily skin, apply a small amount of lightweight moisturizer only to the areas that feel dry.

5.) Dab the Drying Lotion on any pimples that have come to the surface as whiteheads. For erupted pimples that are not whiteheads, rub in a small amount of Drying Cream.


Seaweed Cleansing Soap Seaweed Cleansing Soap

Soft bits of seaweed gently exfoliate and cleanse in this creamy, non-foaming, non-drying cleanser.

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Seaweed Cleansing Lotion Seaweed Cleansing Lotion

Use this mild toner to disinfect and remove any residue after cleansing and shaving. Anti-inflammatory Seaweed Extract is beneficial for sensitive or irritated skin.

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Peppermint Shaving Cream Peppermint Shaving Cream

Mario Badescuís formulation is rich and moisturizing, made with cooling peppermint. Concentrated, non-foaming cream.

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Pre-shave Conditioner Pre-Shave Conditioner

Made with Chamomile and Lavender for softening the sensitive beard area before shaving. Alleviates shaving discomfort.

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Vitamin A & E Hydrating Balm Vitamin A & E Hydrating Balm

This multi-purpose balm can be used as a post-shave treatment for cooling and soothing effects or for an extra boost of moisture and skin nourishing vitamins under daily moisturizer.

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Special Healing Powder Special Healing Powder

A light dusting of this healing powder will minimize irritation from razor burn, razor bumps that have been cut open or active acne eruptions. Quickly heals areas surrounding ingrown hairs or infected acne pimples.

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After Shave Moisturizer After Shave Moisturizer

Provides soothing relief after shaving as it moisturizes and hydrates skin as part of your skin care regimen, day and night. Contains Algae Extra, an anti-inflammatory ingredient beneficial for sensitive skin.

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