Introducing the Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit, expertly crafted for those with oily, problem skin.

This all-in-one acne prone skin routine comes in a luxurious gift box and includes a powerful lineup of full-size products:
- Acne Facial Cleanser: Gently cleanse and purify your skin while targeting pesky breakouts with this acne-fighting formula.
- Special Cucumber Lotion: Refresh, tone, and soothe your complexion with our cooling cucumber-infused toner for a balanced, revitalized appearance.
- Drying Mask: Banish blemishes and combat excess oil with this potent, mineral-rich mask designed to leave skin feeling smooth and clarified.
- Drying Lotion: Zap away zits overnight with our iconic fast-acting spot treatment, perfect for minimizing surprise breakouts.
- Drying Cream: Smooth and conceal small bumps and imperfections with our unique, clarifying and oil-absorbing cream that targets troubled areas for a flawless finish.

Experience the transformative power of the Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit, and reveal your clearest, most radiant skin yet.

Recyclable Packaging