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Clarifying Serum with Azelaic Acid

Clarifying Serum with Azelaic Acid

Clarifying azelaic acid serum that clears pores and regenerates skin cells, fighting blemishes and brightening skin complexion
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Brighten and reduce the appearance of blemish-prone skin without stripping the skin’s natural oils, by spot treating blemishes or applying a thin layer topically all over the face with Mario Badescu’s Clarifying Serum with Azelaic Acid. Helps fight the bacteria that causes reoccurring blemishes. Say hello to healthy-looking complexion!

In a consumer perception that of 21 participants between the ages of 18 – 58 that occurred over 4 weeks,
- 86% of people notice calmer skin after 4 weeks.
- 86% of people notice less redness after 4 weeks.
- 86% of people said this product helped reduce the appearance of breakouts after 4 weeks.

Benefits of the ingredients:
- Azelaic Acid: Found in yeast, Azelaic Acid clarifies skin tone while reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation. This antioxidant also aids in soothing sensitive skin.
- Postbiotic and Prebiotic Serum: Used to calm blemish prone skin and to achieve a bright complexion.

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2023 Vogue Best Face Serums for Your Skin