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Herbal Hydrating Serum

Herbal Hydrating Serum

Layer-friendly herbal hydrating serum for healthy facial on-the-go glow
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Herbal Hydrating Serum delivers ultra-light hydration in an oil-free, layer-friendly formula perfect for a dewy, healthy glow on the go. With hydrating herbs such as Gingko Extract and Ginseng Extract to help the production of collagen and Glycerin to moisturize- revived skin will be the end result after consistent use.

Benefits of Ingredients:
- Replenishing Glycollipids Ceramides and Glycerin: Moisturizes skin by retaining moisture and can also help to fight the appearance of wrinkles.
- Soothing, antioxidant Gingko Extract: An herb potent in flavonoids. Also helps removes skin impurities and is anti-aging.
- Complexion-boosting Ginseng Extract: Possesses Vitamin D and B12, helping to retain skin suppleness..

#MBSKINTIP: The Herbal Hydrating Serum is a versatile formula, which can be used alone (for oily to very oily skin) or over a moisturizer for an extra boost of light hydration. Better yet, why not apply MB’s Herbal Hydrating Serum with complexion-boosting Ginseng Extracts while sipping on some Ginseng tea for double the action?

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