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Nucleic Moisturizing Hair Conditioner

Nucleic Moisturizing Hair Conditioner

Moisturizing nucleic acid leave-in hair conditioner to soften, smoothen, and de-frizz hair
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Restore volume and moisture to dry, fine hair with this leave in conditioner spray that uses nourishing ingredients and Nucleic Acid to help soften, smooth and de-frizz hair.

Leave in hair conditioner:
- Moisturizing and nourishing
- Leave in conditioner and detangling treatment
- Adds moisture to dry and frizzy hair
- Enhances volume for bouncy hair
- Adds shine to hair
- Softens, smooths, de-tangles for soft tangle-free hair

RNA – Ribonucleic Acid softens and helps to bind water for smoother and softer texture.

#MBSKINTIP: Keep a bottle in your beach bag as a detangler and leave-in conditioner for post-beach or post-pool days.