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What is Couperose

Couperose is a condition where the skin appears red due to the presence of small, dilated red blood vessels visible on the face. It is similar to Rosacea in that individuals of either condition are left with a prolonged red complexion – thus making redness a defining factor of both Rosacea and Couperose. Despite their similar appearances, the conditions themselves differ enough to be separated into separate categories. Always consult a dermatologist to have your condition properly diagnosed for appropriate treatment.

Couperose is more common in people with thin or weak elasticity of the capillary walls of their skin. In normal skin, capillaries expand to accommodate the increase in blood flow whenever there is a sudden rush of blood to the face, contracting and returning to normalcy afterwards.

Weakened capillaries have no problem expanding. However, they are not strong enough to return to their normal state. Capillaries remain dilated, making them appear defined and ultimately leaving a lingering redness of complexion.

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