What I am about to say is something I’ve said a million times. In fact, I was just saying it last night to a friend of mine. There are certain people who amaze me simply because of the amount of accomplishments they accumulate in one lifetime. Whenever I get on this topic my go-to examples of this type of mystical person are always the same, Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey. I will eternally be amazed by these women and the accomplishments they have made on so many levels.

Chances are I won’t be launching my own network in this lifetime, but I must say I am always tickled when I notice similarities between myself and these ladies. My love of literature and inclinations toward spirituality . . . totally Oprah. My overwhelming desire to make cauliflower soup from scratch the minute the temperature drops below 70. . . how much more Martha can you be?

As many of you probably know, this past Tuesday Martha and Oprah united when Martha was a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show (Goosebumps!). I could barely breathe when Martha presented Oprah with a gift basket containing (amongst other surely wonderful goodies) Mario Badescu products! Not only were these Mario Badescu products, but included in the basket were the exact hand cream and facial spray that I cannot live without. Just the notion that the three of us could possibly have something in common is almost too much for me to process.

I now have to wonder what else we three have in common? Is pizza their favorite food too? Do they set their alarm clocks a half hour early so that they can press snooze at least twice before waking up also? I may be a media mogul myself before I have the answers to these questions but at least for now I know we have the same skin care products.

Want to know which products were in the gift basket that Martha gave to Oprah? Here’s the list.

Check out more of Martha Stewart's Mario Badescu Favorites! And watch the video, here.

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